About the Artist

As a wildlife biologist and botanist I've always loved the subject material I use for my carvings. Two years ago I moved to Revelstoke, BC, where there was a flourishing potter's guild which welcomed me and gave me space to develop an artistic interest to balance my work in the sciences. While my ceramic skills were pretty rusty, other potters and ceramic artists online helped me learn to make ceramic pieces and use the sgraffito decoration technique, which involves painting and carving a 2-dimensional image on the surface of leather-hard (not entirely dry) clay. With a freshly injured arm, I began rolling slabs of clay which I shaped into vases, platters and wall-hangings. But the past year has taught me how to throw ceramics on the wheel, allowing me a more diverse set of objects for carving. I am constantly learning, so my work should evolve quite a bit over time.

I still work as a biologist, but I hope to continue to develop my ceramic art in tandem. Scientific + artistic activity = a healthier brain and a more balanced life!